Murphy Beds Seattle

Seattle is one of the many jewels of the Pacific Northwest, and for good reason. It is a unique city populated by a dynamic, creative community, and as such, attracts visitors from all over annually. If your Seattle home is the base for visiting guests and family members often, you know how fun and rewarding hosting can be, but at the same time, difficult, should you not have the proper accommodations in place. You can eliminate the strain of having to bring the extra mattress out of the garage, or revert your spare bedroom back to a versatile, functional multipurpose room by adding Murphy beds Seattle from California Closets. Folding away easily into one of our famous closet systems, your guests will be comfortable, and you'll be relaxed by the many benefits presented by these dynamic units.

Murphy Beds Seattle Promise Ease, Comfort, and Organization

The Exterior

When our Murphy beds Seattle are tucked away, you wouldn't even think that a bed resides within the closet systems that house them. Why? Because at California Closets, we give you the opportunity to customize the surrounding closet system, giving you more ways to keep the area that houses them clean and tidy. Opt for shelves, drawers, or cabinets to really make the room a delight to be in, and to keep it versatile for you. Use your spare room for working out, paying the bills, or just doing some of your hobbies before your guests arrive.

When Unfurled…

Portable mattresses haven't rung synonymous with comfort over the last half century, and for good reason. Air mattresses are quick to set up, but are far from comfortable, and dragging a spare out of the garage is a headache for all involved. Your Murphy beds Seattle fold or roll out of the wall, making them a breeze for any and all to set up. Think--everyone having a wonderful time in the living room and not having to worry about arranging a sleeping area for people, as the system in the spare room or den is simple to unfurl!

Murphy Beds Seattle Make Things Easier

Re-discover the joys of hosting guests while maintaining a firm grasp on your home's versatility. Call California Closets today about Murphy beds Seattle to learn more.