Garage Storage Seattle

The beautiful landscape of Seattle facilitates a lifestyle with a focus on the outdoors, necessitating the need for ample recreational equipment. From bicycles to camping gear to kayaks, your garage houses some of the most exciting – and space consuming – items. Developing a strategy to keep everything neatly stowed yet easily accessible when it comes time to get outside can be a daunting task. Fear not, because California Closets Seattle is here to help! We can work with you to create a Seattle garage storage system that is orderly, efficient and, overall, looks great.

Showcase Your Hobbies With Seattle Garage Storage

Although the front door is the official entrance for guests to the home, the garage is the room you and your family typically go through first to get inside. If you are greeted with an overwhelming mess every time you get home, the subsequent stress spiral becomes synonymous with your garage. Change that by implementing Seattle garage storage systems from California Closets. Here are ways we can help:

Designating Space

Rather than trying in vain to shove more items in your garage than it can handle, be realistic about your space limitations and plan accordingly. Seattle garage storage systems will implement size-specific cabinets and racks for even the most odd-sized items like paddles, and sturdy cabinets will keep all the accompanying equipment in their place.

A New Workspace

In addition to outdoor hobbies, the garage is a place for many to work on carpentry or home improvement projects. However, tools can be some of the most difficult items to keep in order. Seattle garage storage systems will create a section of your garage with a proper workbench, built-in shelving and racks to hang all of your tools. Customized drawers and trays will help you locate the tools you use most in a flash.

Heavy Duty Clothing

Rugged boots, waders and ski boots may all be clothing, but they don’t necessarily belong in an armoire. Seattle garage storage solutions will build sturdy closets and shelves for your heftiest gear. Just because you get these items dirty doesn’t mean that has to carry over to the rest of the garage.

Discover the Benefits with Custom-Built Seattle Garage Storage

Realize the possibilities for work and play when you have a handle on your recreation gear and tools at all times. Call California Closets Seattle today!