Custom Closets in Seattle

Your Seattle home should be a sanctuary - beautiful, flowing and... organized. California Closets Seattle is here to help you win the battle against chaos and start having more time to live your life the way you want to.

Custom Closets Q&A

Custom closets are not just custom built to the exact specifications of your space, they are designed by you, with the support of one of our designers, to store your unique items and to flow and function exactly how you want.

A custom closet from California Closets Seattle will not only organize your clothes, it will transform how you live in your home.

Custom closets are optimized to cater to your unique Seattle lifestyle. If you are both an avid hiker but also have a vast collection of sling-backed heels for the office, you can arrange for more shoe storage. And as the seasons change, custom closets allow you to adapt along with it. Custom closets ensure that everything you need is easily accessible when you need it. High, out of the way shelves can be installed for sweaters during Seattle summer months or summer clothes during the wet winter months.

With a well designed custom closet, you will also be able to take advantage of every spare inch of your closet, maximizing your storage capacity. For example, half-size hanger rods can be installed if you have a lot of shorter jackets to maximize storage capacity, and extra drawers or shelves can be personalized to exact wardrobe needs. Now you’ll have room for all those items in your home that never seemed to have a place to go!

Yes, absolutely. This concept of actively storing your belongings with custom closets can be transferred to other rooms in your home as well: broom custom closets, laundry room custom closets, home office custom closets… the possibilities are endless!

The Best Custom Closets

At California Closets Seattle, we maintain a strong leadership role in the custom storage industry so that you feel confident that you are getting the "best of the best." To do this, we are constantly changing, improving, evolving, and enhancing our product line, making our custom closets the best that they can be.

We continue to train our employees and invest in their professional development, always emphasizing the importance of customer service. In the end, that is what sets us apart from other makers of custom closets and makes us a clear choice for your custom closet needs.