Murphy Beds Scottsdale

As the leader in all things storage-related, California Closets is always looking for way to improve our products. Beautiful design and great functionality are staples of the brand and the local franchise in Scottsdale. In this article, the history of Murphy beds will be explored in order to demonstrate this commitment to quality.

The History of Scottsdale’s Murphy Beds

Another word for wall beds, those sleeping contraptions that can disappear into the wall, is Murphy beds. They are gaining popularity in Scottsdale among homeowners that want more space without giving up a sleep area – more bang for their buck, if you will.

Murphy beds were not invented in Scottsdale. Murphy had come up with the clever idea over a hundred years ago toward the end if the 19th century in San Francisco. And if necessity is the mother if invention, Murphy’s need was love.

He was courting a young lady named Gladys at the time. The problem was that Murphy lived in a one-room apartment and it was considered improper to have woman in a gentleman’s bedroom before marriage. His solution was to disguise the room as a living room so that they could get to know each other without breaking any taboos.

This is not going to be the preferred usage for Murphy beds in modern-day Scottsdale but the point of the story is how innovation is the driving force for accomplishments. California Closets carried the spirit of innovation and creativity into its design principles.

Wall beds are still as clever an idea as ever before but nowadays, with an advanced mechanism, they are completely safe to use and do not require much strength at all to operate.

Scottsdale Loves Murphy Beds

To check out how a Murphy bed can work in your Scottsdale home, visit a showroom and consult with a designer today!