Closet Design Scottsdale

For closet design in Scottsdale there is no alternative – only California Closets leads the way with innovative styles for smart storage solutions. The franchise gives expression to your personal style and lifestyle needs by following a special process until the completion of the project.

A Behind the Scenes Look at Closet Design in Scottsdale

Unless you have worked with California Closets Scottsdale the closet design process may seem new and unfamiliar because no other company provides this level of communication and partnership to its customers. The designers truly see themselves as your home organization allies.

The first meeting is a complimentary consultation that takes place at your house. The designer will get to know you and help you flesh out the contours of the project. How does the current storage space fail to meet your needs and what concrete goals can you think of to replace it with?

Also, during this meeting the designer will assess the space for its wall capacity, hanging and shelving potential and all other physical dimensions. The measurements and your preference combine to form information that is fed into a specially developed computer program. The software renders the project into a three dimensional representation on screen. You can visit through the virtual space and experiment with different design scenarios. This is the step in the closet design process Scottsdale residents love the most!

The last step, once you finalize your preferences, is manufacturing the closets in the local factory and installation by a friendly and professional team. They are in and out in one day

For any Room in you Scottsdale Home, Closet Design You Will Love

From the kitchen and pantry to the bedroom and walk-closet, from the entertainment center to the garage, California Closets Scottsdale has you covered with the best closet design.