Garage Storage Schenectady

Ever wondered what to do with all the clutter and junk in your garage? At California Closets, we know that garage organization is the key to helping you gain a ton of space you never knew you had. Just by organizing your garage, you can increase the size, efficiency and appeal of the room with the help of Schenectady garage storage systems.

Storage Systems That Clear Away the Junk

Schenectady Garage Storage offers products that will get your junk off the floor and neatly organized above you. Storage bins are great for large items that do not fit into cabinets or on shelves. We also offer clear storage bins which are perfect for fasteners and other small items. An interesting way to get rid of irregularly shaped items is by using hooks. Hooks are great for things like bikes and gardening equipment. Depending on how you plan to use the space, California Closets can help you build a garage system that will help organize your belongings using garage storage solutions and smart design techniques.

Garage storage shelving is also a great way to store items out of sight. California Closets creates the perfect shelving that will optimize the space in your garage. We offer a variety of different materials and accessories to craft your ideal space as well. Like most of our products and services, the garage system is personalized and designed specifically for you. We will work with you in designing the right size and shape of your new garage storage system.

California Closets Will Work With You

We understand that a garage can mean different things for different homes. For some, it means a studio work space, or a workbench system, or storage for sporting equipment. Whatever your garage storage needs, California Closets will work with you to design the garage solutions that are unique to your needs.