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Living a full and interesting life sometimes means that you can acquire a lot of clothes. After all, you can’t wear the same thing going to the lake in the summer as you would taking a walk in the winter, and you’d look slightly out of place wearing pajamas to a business meeting.

Get Organized with Our Expert Storage Tips

And these clothes and accessories can add up quickly, overwhelming even the most cavernous of bedroom closets, to the point where you feel like giving up. But don’t despair! Our expert closet system designers will have your Schenectady closet working for you (and not against you), with some easy organizational tips:

Hang it up. Putting items on hooks can be a great way to de-clutter your closet while maintaining the shape of the item. And hanging similar items in groups will help you get your act together in the morning, and out the door faster!

Change with the seasons. Rotate your items around at the change of each season, so that your fall and winter clothes aren’t choking your lighter options when its sweltering outside.

Take the lay of the land. Not all closets are built the same. Instead of going blind with generic storage options, measure the dimension of your closet, and try to make the most of your space. Or better yet, call a California Closets rep and have one of our design experts show you how a custom closet system can improve your Schenectady home!

Call the Experts for A Beautiful, Functional Closet

Don’t fall victim to clutter. Schedule a free design consultation with California Closets today, and learn more about what we can do to make your closets work for you.