Custom Closets Schaumburg

Progress through thoughtful planning is the motto of the village of Schaumburg and also coincidentally the driving mantra of California Closets. The custom storage company strives to make Schaumburg homes better places with custom closets of more efficient and beautiful design. The process behind the luxurious home storage solutions is a combination of deliberate planning and spontaneous creative energies.

The Process of Putting Custom Closets in Schaumburg Homes

It is a hands-on approach from the very beginning. You schedule a complimentary consultation and California Closets sends a designer to visit you at your home. The purpose of the first meeting is to start building the rapport between designer and customer that is necessary for a successful home improvement project. The design expert needs to deeply understand both your needs and your tastes. Only then they can use the considerable tools and skills at their disposal in order to craft something that will work for you.

It is also important that the designer assess the physical parameters of the project such as wall capacity and the potential for hanging storage versus shelving storage. You will discuss the various scenarios that are possible for the space.

The next step is the most interactive part of the process. Your consultation with the designer turns into a computer simulation of the custom closets in your Schaumburg home. You can travel through the space and make changes as you see fit. Experiment with configuration, colors and all the elements of the design.

Once this step is finalized all there is left until your Schaumburg custom closets are ready are the manufacturing and installation phases. All of your products will come from Chicago area factories, meaning that you are helping the local economy and reducing your ecological footprint.

California Closets Schaumburg Custom Closets in Your Home

Next, a professional installation team will pay your house a visit. But because they work so quickly and without intrusion you might not even notice they are working. You will notice, however a remarkable transformation in your home.