Wall Beds Scarsdale

At California Closets, we take the tradition of the wall bed and give you a modern twist. Also known as a Murphy bed, wall beds are perfect for a studio apartment or for creating an instant guestroom for visiting friends and family. You’ll never have to scramble to make space again! With Scarsdale Murphy beds, you can transform your room with the drop of a mattress.

Maximize Any Space With the Help of a Scarsdale Wall Bed

Scarsdale Murphy beds are designed to blend in with the rest of your home so that no matter its position, your home is fluid and functional. Entertaining guests or in need of extra space for your personal hobbies is simple and easy. The Scarsdale Murphy bed is sturdy in its hinges and made to last through the years so you don’t have to ever replace it!  Yet Scarsdale Murphy beds are also conveniently light so you can easily and instantly transform your room to meet your needs.

Scarsdale wall beds allow you to combine the comfort of your bedroom with the convenience of your home office or living room.  And with our innovative designs, you can actually enhance the space of your home with a Scarsdale Murphy bed!  Just simply attach a storage accessory to the underside of your bed and be able to access whatever you need when you fold your Scarsdale Murphy bed away or in its upright position.

Traditional Wall Beds for Your Modern Needs

Perfect for any closet integration system, your Scarsdale wall bed is not only affordable, but a fashionable addition to your home. With its versatility, you can finally get the most out of your home with a Scarsdale wall bed.