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You’ve been meaning to do something about your storage situation for a long time. Clothes arranged haphazardly and piles of stuff littering the floor greet you every time you open your closet door. The problem is, where to start? If a chaotic closet is becoming a daily irritant in your life, you need to get in touch with California Closets, the closet company Saratoga trusts most.

Smart Storage Solutions

Optimizing your storage potential means devising a system that takes full advantage of every inch of available space, and most closets simply aren’t designed to do that.  California Closets, the top Saratoga closet company, is the acknowledged industry leader in creating customized closet designs that make sure no space is wasted, leaving you with a storage area that clearly and attractively displays your clothes and belongings.

The process begins with a free, in-house consultation with a California Closets design specialist.  Careful measurements of your storage space are taken and then you’ll sit down together to determine how your re-imagined closet can best serve your needs.  Everyone’s storage requirements are different and your input is critical in discovering the best way to configure your new closet.

Then, using innovative solutions developed over the past 30 years, your California Closets pro will set to work customizing your ideal storage space.  Bins, baskets, hooks, shoe fencing, adjustable shelving and more work in concert to get your wardrobe and possessions presented in the smartest, most practical fashion possible.  Before the physical construction begins, you can even look at a 3-D rendering of your proposed renovations, allowing you to make any adjustments or improvements you deem desirable.

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