Santa Monica Closet Design

For most Santa Monica residents, the garage is primarily a storage space for their cars. Unfortunately, it also becomes a bit of a dumping ground for whatever they can’t quite find room for in the house. The inevitable result is an underutilized space, and quite frankly, a bit of a mess. California Closets believes your garage can be much, much more, however, and want to show you how to re-invent that cluttered area with garage storage Santa Monica.

Address the Mess

The key to an efficient, well-ordered garage lies in maximizing all of the available space it has to offer.   You may think that every inch is being used now, but take a look along the walls all the way up to the ceiling and you’ll probably see a great deal of space that is going unused.  A garage storage Santa Monica closet design expert from California Closets can show you a variety of ways to fully utilize that space, transforming your disorganized garage into a room that’s a model of practicality.

Clear bins slide into aluminum tracking along the walls and provide handy storage

Heavy-duty brackets get the family bicycles off the floor and keep them protected from potential damage

A pegboard system with hooks keeps everyday tools easy to spot and readily available 

Locked cabinets provide safe storage for harmful cleaning supplies and potentially dangerous power tools

Whatever your specific requirements are, your garage storage Santa Monica closet design pro from California Closets can help find a solution to meet them.

The Best Santa Monica Closet Design

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