Beautiful Closet Systems for Aesthetic Santa Fe Residents

Designated as a UNESCO Creative City, Santa Fe is internationally known as a center for the arts. From the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe to the unique revival architectures of downtown, Santa Fe residents revel in the aesthetic world. This world extends into the homes of Santa Fe as well, which is why residents of Santa Fe continuously turn to California Closets for distinctive and beautiful in-home storage design. Discover how the lives of many Santa Fe residents have already been changed by the addition of beautiful and practical closet systems in their bedroom closets.

What are Closet Systems?

Closet systems are more than just shelves or hanger rods. Closet systems are a way of actively storing your clothes and belongings in a logical and aesthetic way that will improve your home organization and your wardrobe experience.

"If you think of the closet as the structure – your walls and doors are a part of the closet, then a closet system is whatever is attached to it that allows you to put the things you want to put in the closet," according to California Closets VP Jean Chene.

The advantage to custom designed closet systems over store-bought shelves is that they can be made to fit in any closet space, large or small. Whether your closet has slanted roof, walk-in space or just enough room to reach in, a closet system can be installed in an efficient, visually pleasing way. Custom closet systems can be installed into strangely shaped or sized nooks and crannies in ways that store-bought shelves never could.

Closet systems can also be optimized to suit your unique Santa Fe lifestyle whether that lifestyle requires lots of shoe storage or separate compartments for seasonal clothes. Half-size hanger rods can be installed if you have a lot of shorter jackets to maximize storage capacity, and extra drawers or shelves can be personalized to the exact wardrobe needs. 

A closet system is a way to organize what you wear so everything you need is easily accessible when you need it. High, out of the way shelves can be installed for sweaters during summer months or summer clothes during the winter. With a well designed closet system, you will also be able to take advantage of every spare inch of your closet, maximizing your storage capacity. Now you’ll have room for all those items in your home that never seemed to have a place to go!

This concept of actively storing your belongings can be transferred to other rooms in your home as well: broom closet systems, laundry room systems, home office systems… the possibilities are endless!

Closet Systems Expertise from California Closets

California Closets is New Mexico’s leading provider of custom closet systems and personalized storage solutions. Visit the California Closets Santa Fe showroom and discover the incredible transformations that can occur in your closet, home office, kitchen cabinet, or commercial space.

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