Closet Design Santa Cruz

In Santa Cruz one can go from beautiful ocean to a majestic forest in a matter of minutes. Locals are known to partake in all the outdoor activities offered by such a unique natural setting. From surfing to camping and hiking, outdoor activities require bulky and excessive equipment. When they want to stay organized despite the challenge, Santa Cruz turns to closet design from California Closets.

Closet Design for a Santa Cruz Lifestyle

Santa Cruz is known for the individuality of its residents and so its no wonder they seek out custom storage solutions to common organizational problems. California Closets Santa Cruz utilizes a patented closet design process to get the customer and their product perfectly matched.

It all starts when the customer schedules a complimentary design consultation. The designer arrives and assesses the storage space that needs an upgrade to determine how to maximize the use of the every square inch in the most seamless and aesthetic way. More importantly, however, it is during this meeting that the designer helps you flesh out the goals for the project to find out what exactly is inadequate at the moment and how to fix that in the future design.

Once you have gone over possible scenarios that address your needs, the technical side of the design can begin. California Closets Santa Cruz will map out the closet design on a computer using highly interactive software. Customers can take the reigns from the designer and experiment with all the options for colors, trim and configuration.

Turning Image into Reality

Call California Closets today to get the ball rolling on adding your very own Santa Cruz closet design to your storage repertoire!