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Are you looking for new ways to overcome the clutter, to make your home look new and bright again, to make cleaning and organizing easier? Then you are not alone. For smart and innovative home storage solutions that can meet your needs turn to California Closets Santa Cruz.

Innovative Use of Space and Customized Closets Santa Cruz

Custom storage is a big leap forward in home stewardship. Here are various ways California Closets Santa Cruz can help make your home more comfortable than ever.

Increased Storage Efficiency

In many homes, storage space is often underutilized, which leads to the familiar overcrowding of shelves and cabinets and inevitably to clutter flowing over to places not designated for storage. Customized closets are different in that they are built into the structure of your home, taking advantage of what is considered otherwise dead space. Overhead areas and nooks and crannies can be optimized. Likewise, preexisting storage closet in your Santa Cruz home can be outfitted with organizers that create space where there seemingly was none before.

Increased Storage Functionality

There are many tricks-of-the-trade that are used to increase the efficiency of your storage areas. But increasing functionality is a different story. Here is where the magic of collaborative design happens. California Closets Santa Cruz designers works side by side with you in order to create a product tailored to your habits, hobbies, career and personal preference. A properly designed storage system acts almost like a third arm for its owner. There is no formula because the success depends on the communication between you and your designer.

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