Nicole Kypreos, Sales and Design Manager


Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

Nicole has been designing for California Closets in Santa Barbara since 2005, after her first experience with California Closets… as a customer!  Her experience as a client impressed upon her the value of what California Closets provides; how it changes and grows with a person’s ever evolving life.  She knows that what people really gain is time to do what they want, rather than ‘organizing’ all the time. Everything has its own space to be, keeping your home beautiful all the time.   There is a natural beauty to an organized space.

According to Nicole, the best part about working with California Closets is that the work we do changes how people feel about their space, their belongings, and themselves. Her 7 years with the company has taught her that what sets California Closets apart is the experience clients have with her and with a company that follows through with her clients expectations.    


Take a look at a recent post that was done on Nicole through the national California Closets Blog page;