Deniece Moler, Senior Design Consultant


Ventura County and the Malibu areas

Deniece has worked with California Closets for nearly 9 years and LOVES how her client’s feel after having their systems installed. Her clients appreciate her extreme energy and excitement for coming up with out-of-the-box solutions. One of the traits that provides Deniece so much success is her willingness to say “Let me see if I can come up with a better idea for that” if an idea doesn’t immediately present itself. She likes brainstorming with our other design staff and production team to come up with unique, individualized solutions. 

Deniece’s favorite aspect about California Closets is the wide range of product options, as it allows her to be creative with the client’s input. Client’s feedback and the information they provide during the consultation are the tools Deniece uses for coming up with functional solutions. From super simple designs to super extravagant masterpieces, Deniece is 100% in with her clients.