Our Team

The California Closets San Jose team is passionate about creating unique, high-quality designs for your home. We think of you as neighbors first and customers second - and treat your homes as if they were our own.

Our top-notch design consultants and expertly trained installers all work seamlessly together to fulfill your project needs. Our design consultants will work with you to envision a solution that fits your needs and is unique to your home. Applying years of expertise and utilizing custom 3D imaging software, they will create a virtual walk-through, enabling you to “see” your solution before it exists.

This is how one of our repeat customers described her experience:

  • "My interaction with Grace was wonderful - aside from being a lovely person in general, that lady knows her stuff! She had her tape measurer out and had CAD designs on her computer in a matter of minutes. I loved the designs and was so eager to have the installation done. And, then, along comes Earl! What a wonderful person and the commensurate gentleman. His work was perfection and he left my place immaculate." ~ Carrie W.

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Meet some of the California Closets San Jose design consultants:

Lisa Freeman, Design Consultant

My overarching goal when working with a customer is to go the extra mile and provide them with a beautiful and functional storage solution that suits their needs.  I strive to deliver exceptional customer service and exceed expectations at every turn. If a customer isn't thrilled with the finished results, then my job isn't finished.

Grace Feldeisen, Design Consultant

I am interested in every opinion my clients have about the storage challenges they are looking to solve. This way we can all work together fo find a solution that will increase storage space and create ease of access to everything being stored.I worked in the field of records management and office storage systems prior to working for California Closets. The amount of material we needed to store was far greater, but everyone is looking for the same result, which is to get the most use from usable space. My job is to get the most out of what is available in your home.

Sally Benyola, Design Consultant

I believe that a team approach is the most effective and positive way to creatively design spaces that fulfill the needs and desires of my clients. I guide my clients through the design process, listening, asking questions, and inviting my clients to share their ideas. Ultimately the final design is not only functional, but also reflects and enhances the client's lifestyle.

JoAnn Lujan, Design Constultant

I believe it is essential to consider a person's lifestyle, personality, and space before beginning to design a storage solution and assisting them in customizing their desire.I have been a design consultant in the home improvement industry for the past twenty-five years, working in various trades. I truly believe that my background helps me every time I go into a customer's home to help them achieve their vision for a stylish and efficient home.

Roberta Lasecke, Design Consultant

I have been working as a designer for California Closets since 2000. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design, I worked as an interior designer for 14 years prior to starting my career with California Closets.I'm very proud to represent California Closets and the products we offer. It's very satisfying helping people with their important personal projects such as re-organizing their homes.

Rosie Hames, Design Consultant

I believe that the most important part of the design process is listening to what my clients need and want.  Each and every one of my consultations involve varying organizational needs and a wide range of design and style preferences, so once we get through the basics of determining what the main objective is, we can design the right solution. The best part is seeing the smiles after each project is completed.

Kim Austin, Design Consultant

I like to work in a collaborative environment and believe that a designer cannot be successful without input from all members of the design team. The design team includes the installers, fabricators, and, most importantly, you.  Your input will shape the direction of your design. If you're happy with your new storage solution, then everyone is happy.

Charlene Rudee, Design Consultant

I take time to get to know my clients. I listen to what they want and need to make sure I come up with the best solution for them. I really enjoy working with people and helping them come up with solutions to their needs.Along with studying design, my previous work experience has included working with contractors designing spaces and choosing finishes.My favorite product is our exclusive line of Tesoro finishes. When used in closets, wall units and offices, the results are amazing!

Cindy Anderson, Design Consultant

I work closely with each client to determine their individual needs while providing a design that also fits comfortably into their budget. The result is a space that adds function while complimenting their personality and lifestyle. I've been in sales plus designing spaces for the majority of my career. My listening skills are a skill that has proven to be very successful for my career.I love our Lago wood grains because they offer an alternative to wood at a more reasonable price.  

Tara Bishop, Design Consultant

My philosophy to working with California Closet clients is to approach them as a “new friend” and not a “sales woman”. Although my job is to make sales, I’m really there to help the client determine what is the best solution for them. I have been studying and working in the Interior Design field since 2009 and have always had the natural eye for functionality and aesthetics. I volunteer whenever I can to help better peoples’ lives/homes and at the same time I get real world experience on how to build a project from the ground up.