Making the Most of Your San Diego Home Office

Let's face it - living in San Diego is pretty amazing! Beaches, restaurants, wildlife, nightlife - it's all here and San Diego residents know how to make the most of it. So it's understandable for San Diego residents that a workspace in the middle of the home, where all the daily admin can be completed and organized (allowing you more time to enjoy this wonderful city), would be perfect. But where can you find the space for that? It's easier than you might think! With the correct amount of organization and the appropriate storage capacity, you can turn your cluttered desk or nook at home into a legitimate home office. California Closets San Diego is a family-owned, locally based franchise that prides itself in its knowledge of San Diego homes and their particularly storage problems. For over a quarter of a century, residents of San Diego have benefited from the knowledge and expertise that California Closets San Diego offers in every aspect of home storage optimization, especially when it comes to home office storage and design.

A Home Office Creation

Keeping on top of bills, reciepts, and correspondance as well as all the other tasks in your day can seem impossible. It's easy to just throw them onto the pile on the kitchen table and leave them for another day. But for most of us those papers pile up and it gets harder to start the process of sorting them. A home office space in your home would solve so many problems and is much easier to create than you might think. Here are a few tips from California Closets San Diego for creating a home office space in your residence.

Most importantly, you need to dedicate a space in your house solely for work. You could rearrange your den to create space for a work desk and some cabinets, or you could put a desk in your bedroom. An area needs to be set aside that can be a 'work-safe zone' free from distractions like a television set.

Setting up appropriate storage and filing systems is a very important to ensure your home office remains functional and productive. If you don’t have anywhere to put files, letters, papers and home office supplies, your desk will slowly become more and more cluttered until you can no longer use it. Desk drawers are helpful for smaller items. You also might consider attached file cabinets and overhead storage to maximize space. With enough storage space, it’s easy to keep your home office organized.

Your home office must be a space that aesthetically pleasing. It is important that you feel inspired and happy when you are working - otherwise over time you will stop using the space. A card table in the garage or basement will theoretically function as a work space, but it will grow uninspiring very quickly and it's likely you will stop using it. A space near a window with a nice outlook, putting up pictures, fresh plants and other decorations are great ways to make the space aesthetically pleasing.

Consider a customized office storage system. Your space is unique, but that doesn't mean you can have matching, customised desks, cabinets and shelves that take full advantage of your space. Especially for smaller spaces where every inch counts, consider custom-built wall-mounted shelves, wrap-around desks and customized overhead storage cabinets.

San Diego Home Office Expertise

California Closets San Diego has built a reputation in San Diego county for its expertise, design talent and familiarity with the wants and needs of San Diego residents. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit our showroom in Miramar to learn more about how California Closets can transform your home office, bedroom closet, garage storage system and more.