San Antonio Wall Beds

If you’ve been wanting to find a way to free up a vast amount of space in your cramped bedroom, we’ve got something you don’t want to miss! San Antonio wall beds allow you to quickly and easily free up all of the space occupied by your bed whenever you want – allowing you a wealth of possibilities for what you can do with your bedroom. They even let you turn any room into a guest bedroom! If you’re ready to explore the possibilities with San Antonio wall beds, stop by California Closets and let us do the rest.

The Bed That Helps You Organize

If it sounds incredulous that the bed you sleep on can help you live a more organized life, you haven’t spent a day with San Antonio wall beds. After a rejuvenating night’s rest, you can easily remove your bed from view by rotating it into your wall. Suddenly, it’s like you have a brand new bedroom! The extra space created by San Antonio wall beds gives you much more usable space during the day – allowing you to more easily organize and store all of your loose items. 

Make A Great Impression On Your Guests With San Antonio Wall Beds

San Antonio wall beds can be easily installed on virtually any wall – so while they make a great nightly bed for your bedroom, they make an equally great bed to have discreetly hidden in any room to offer your overnight guests. Your guests will be amazed when you reveal the San Antonio wall beds rather than offer them a cramped, uncomfortable couch!

San Antonio Wall Beds Just Make Sense

With San Antonio wall beds, you’ll wonder how you ever slept in a normal bed. Call or come in today to schedule your FREE consultation!