San Antonio Closet Design

More than promise you professionalism, innovation and creativity, we would like to give you a look into our closet design process here at San Antonio California Closets. We use a method that puts the customer at the helm, harnessing the talents and resources of the company to their vision.

About Custom Closet Design in San Antonio

Every product of California Closets you may have seen at the showroom or at neighbour’s house has been through a process of customization. Offering no one-size-fits -ll solutions to the residents of San Antonio, closet design from California Closets is about crafting storage solutions through personal relationships.

The working relationship between you and your designer begins with a free in-home consultation. Instead of the coming to tell you what your needs or tastes are, the role of the designer here is to listen and get to know you. 

What is frustrating about the current storage space? How do you wish to use it in the future? 

Secondly, the designer will assess the storage space for its wall capacity and potential for hanging and shelving storage. Customizing is not just about personalizing to your preferences but also tailoring the configuration of the product to the preexisting structure of the house. 

Next is the step beloved my all customers in San Antonio: Closet design goes digital. Our designer maps the scenarios and various plans you came up with together onto a computer program with a user-friendly interface. You are invited to navigate the three dimensional representation and make alterations to the design. 

San Antonio Closet Design Manufacturing and Installation

California Closets San Antonio takes responsibility over not only the closet design but also what comes after. The products we offer are produced locally in our Texas factory and the installation team consists of vetted professionals.