Wall Beds St. Charles

Want to expand your house without knocking down any walls or doing any construction? Wall beds in your St. Charles house allow you to get a whole lot more out of what you already have. A bed is likely the largest piece of furniture you own. Being able to fold any bed into the wall saves you valuable real estate – it is like having your cake and eating it too.

About California Closets St. Charles Wall Beds

Domestic Versatility

With a wall bed, also known as a Murphy bed, your home office or media room can double as a guest room. Say goodbye to the days of inflatable mattresses for guests – give those you host a comfortable night’s sleep and a little privacy with a room of their own. Likewise, if you have a growing family and limited space, then wall beds can give your children the area they deserve to play indoors. Enjoy a greater degree of flexibility and control of your St. Charles home with wall beds.

Modern Mechanism and Design

Wall beds were popular contraptions decades ago but now California Closets have upgraded them with all the modern amenities. For one, wall beds are completely safe, and will never open or close on their own accord. Secondly, St. Charles wall beds operate smoothly and do not require any effort to lift or lower. Finally, California Closets designers know how to disguise your wall bed so that it looks like no more than a closet system or media center when it is not down.

The Wall Beds St. Charles Seeks

Look no further – save space with California Closets St. Charles wall beds. Invite a designer over to get started on the work today!