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Safety Harbor

With its distinct architectural feel, tight-knit and diverse community, and place along the Gulf Of Mexico, Safety Harbor has plenty to set it apart from other areas in Florida and the rest of the US. We all seek to maintain individuality in a number of ways, hoping our unique spirits contribute to a greater whole within our area. One primary way that people tend to express themselves is via home design. California Closets Safety Harbor is your one-stop-shop for customizable storage solutions that complement your designer's eye while helping your home fend off the ever-present threat of clutter and disorganization for the long-term.

Closets Safety Harbor Will Love

Your Home, Your Rules

You navigate your home on a daily basis--working, resting, relaxing, and enjoying the space that you've worked hard to establish. There is no sense in letting the storage areas of your home be a detractor from the overall appeal. Continue on with this trend of serving your unique vision with California Closets Safety Harbor products, all of which will contain your needs and desires as the focal point. Consider--stand-alone closets, walk-in closet structures, closet organizers--all crafted to include every minute detail of your home's angles and specific qualities that may have made big-box store products fail in the past.

Pick The Product, Pick The Style

Our line of products speaks for itself at California Closets Safety Harbor. But once you select the type of item you need, belt up, because the fun is just beginning. You are tasked with selecting just how your custom closets or custom closet systems will function and look. Choose accessories to make up the interior that make sense for the items you're hoping to store before switching to the exterior and choosing the wood grain, hardware, and texture that you think will fit best with the rest of your home's decor.

You Won't Know Till You Try

Further your home's unique ambiance with storage units of your doing. Call California Closets Safety Harbor today to get started with a free in-home consultation with a member of our expert design team.

Safety Harbor



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