Wall Beds Rye

Whether you knew it or not, your Rye wall beds, or lack thereof, are at the forefront of freeing up space in your home and multiplying the functionality of any room. Let California Closets do the work and turn your guest room into whatever you imagine it to be.

Rye Wall Beds In Your Home

You might have thought that wall beds were a thing of the past, but with the increasingly limited amounts of space in our cities, they are more and more necessary for maximizing both function and fashion.

Haven’t been able to decide between a guest room and a home office or craft room?  Worried about not having space for guests? Why not have both, in just one room? Rye wall beds have been created and fantastically designed to pull up into a built-in closet system that looks natural within the framework of any room. 

You choose the layout, design, and finish so that your Rye wall beds suit the design of the pre-existing room.  Once your wall bed is built in you’ll have to decide what you want to do with all that floor space.  Use the same design to build a corner desk or workbench for all your projects.

It is also important to mention the extreme effortlessness of pulling your Rye wall beds up and down from the wall.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Rye wall beds are no longer a thing of the past.  Our new sleek, functional design will look fabulous integrated into any room.  Whether it’s your home office, media center, closet system, or wardrobe, you’ll be satisfied with both the look and function of these amazing wall beds Rye.