Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Roslyn

As anyone who visits Roslyn, NY will soon discover, this beautiful, historic village, nestled in the hills of Long Island’s Gold Coast, is known for its collection of beautifully restored houses and buildings, historic monuments and vibrant Downtown. People who live in and around Roslyn are imbued with an appreciation of architecturally inspired form and function displayed both by public buildings and their own homes. This attention to style and detail extends to the interiors of people’s homes, and there are few better illustrations of the perfect marriage of artistic form and function than custom made Roslyn wall beds from California Closets.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Among the many boutiques that line the Downtown Roslyn streets are antique shops that proudly display the handcrafted furniture of a bygone era.  Such craftsmanship still exists, and is wonderfully exhibited in each custom made Roslyn Murphy bed.  All the materials used to craft Roslyn murphy beds are selected for their beauty, style and durability. 

Choose the Perfect Style And Finish

Choosing the right finish can help illuminate the latent characteristics of your space and your home. Light finishes like Almond, Ivory or Hardrock Maple can dominate the room, or be used to accent dark, wood-grained finishes like Chocolate Peartree, Cognac, or Rustic Cherry.  You get to choose the perfect finish of your Rosyln Murphy beds that will bring both color and refinement to any room you choose to showcase them in. Whether you select a Roslyn wall bed style that matches your existing décor, complements it by accentuation, or makes a new and dramatic statement, your California Closets design consultant can help you pick the perfect Roslyn wall bed for your home and lifestyle.

Call California Closets For A Complimentary Visit

The moment to discover how custom Roslyn murphy beds can add to the value and usability of your home is now.  Simply call us and one of our Designers will be happy to provide a complimentary, no-obligation visit to your home to help you decide if a Roslyn murphy beds are for you.