Closet Design Roslyn

The dedicated team at California Closets Brooklyn serves a beautiful community that is situated between the beauty of nature and that of a great city. We offer a closet design process commensurate with Roslyn’s luxurious lifestyle so that coming home can be as inspiring as going out.

The Process Behind Roslyn Closet Design

The very closet design process available to you in Roslyn is a great example of how California Closets innovates in an industry we helped create.

It all starts with a complimentary consultation with our experts. They come to your home and you begin to talk shop. Once you get an idea of what the project is, they will help you sharpen your vision and expand the scope of what is possible. With your goals solidified, the designer will assess the storage space for its capacity: hanging space, wall dimensions, shelving space.

The next stage is the most enjoyable and perhaps the most productive as well. The team will turn your vision into a computer model of your storage space. The program we use allows you to virtually walk through the space AND make adjustments to any element of the design from the configuration of the hardware to the colors and accessories.

With your stamp of approval on the digital blueprints, the manufacturing process, which happens locally, can begin. Your Roslyn home’s closet design is almost ready. The final step is our one-day installation and you are ready to start living!

The Closet Design Roslyn Believes In

The satisfaction of our customers tells us we are doing something right. Residents of Roslyn come back for more closet design year after year, renovating the different rooms in their house.