About Us

Long Islanders Serving Long Islanders

Although our name is California Closets, we are locally owned and operated and have been offering Long Islanders innovative solutions to their storage and workspace challenges for 25 years.  California Closets Long Island serves customers in Suffolk County from its conveniently located Ronkonkoma facility.  Your storage solution is designed and fabricated on our premises, right here on the Island.

There’s Nothing Standard About Us

The system we design will be part of your daily life for years to come and your satisfaction is of paramount importance.  When you work with us, you can be assured that we will provide a closet or workspace solution that is tailored specifically to your needs.  No out-of-the-box or pre-fab system can come close to matching the level of customization, beauty, and efficiency of a California Closets installation.  We work with a vast array of innovative materials, finishes, and accessories, but our Design Consultants are what set us apart in the industry.  Our Consultants meet with you to learn about your needs and apply their knowledge to create a storage solution that is uniquely yours.  Their singular goal is to give you everything you need and nothing you don't.

Think Outside the Box

There is a big difference between pre-packaged, off-the-shelf storage systems and a California Closets storage solution.  We design your system to maximize every inch of space.  That is simply not possible to do with a store-bought system.  Appearance is another area where California Closets excels.  We utilize a wide variety of finishes and accents to blend your system perfectly into the existing decor.  Our design consultants can create a dramatic new focal point in the room or make the system harmonize so well with existing architectural details that it appears to have always been there.

Our process begins with learning about you and your expectations.  When you request a free consultation, we do far more than take measurements.  Our Design Consultant will ask you all manner of questions about your space, its usage, and your lifestyle.  The Consultant will then transform what they learn into a design concept that is aesthetically and functionally outstanding…and created just for you.  No two installations are alike.

We look forward to meeting you and invite you to visit our showroom or click here to schedule a free design consultation.

- Vera & Anthony DeVincenzo, California Closets Long Island co-owners