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Nobody needs more disorganization in their lives. And anyone who has poorly organized closets in their home knows how annoying and debilitating they can make life sometimes. But you don’t have to let cluttered closets and storage spaces frustrate and complicate your life: California Closets is here to rescue you! Let these home organization tips from our Rockwall closet organizers help you make your closets work better for you.

Get Some Home Organization Help From California Closets

• Change with the seasons. Make sure the items in your closet are needed this season. Take some time each spring and fall to re-evaluate the items in your closet. Take what’s not relevant and put it in boxes, and store them somewhere until you need them again.

• Label, label, label.  If you don’t know what something is, it isn’t really organized, is it? Making large readable labels for boxes and drawers lets you quickly scan the contents of your space, cutting down on the time you need to spend looking for the right clothes (and reminding you of exactly what you have, and don’t have).

• Think vertical. Generic closet solutions often ignore vertical spaces, which can be used to great advantage by savvy designers. Hooks, shelves, and vertical drawer solutions help you get more out of your closet space that you already have.

Still need some more help? Want to get moving on creating the closet of your dreams in your home? Our expert Rockwall closet organizers are standing by to help you make a better organized home a reality.

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