Garage Storage Rockland County

The oft-maligned space that wears many hats within the home is the garage. Without proper attention given to it, it sinks into a state of disorganization out of which it can be difficult to maneuver. With the proper tools, however, this space can take on new responsibilities and be the versatile multipurpose room that your home needs. California Closets offers the perfect solution with our garage storage Rockland County units. With the extra space, you may find yourself enjoying your garage, as well as the ability to finally park your car inside!

Storage Flexibility With Garage Storage Rockland County

Alternative Transportation Home

Many enjoy taking alternative forms of transportation to work or out for fun. Things like bikes and skateboards are great fun, but are also prone to taking up much-needed space in garages. With garage storage Rockland County, you can customize your garage by establishing a home for these sets of wheels. Elevate your bikes with pulley systems, or add wall mounted hooks for your skateboards. This way, you can prevent any damage being done to your car while also keeping your space usable and versatile.

Household Chemicals Managed

The garage is a good place to store household chemicals when not in us, but this still poses a threat if your family includes small children. Garage storage Rockland County units from California Closets can prioritize safety in their design should you want the extra security. With padlocks and elevated shelving, you can keep these items up and out of the reach of your younger family members. This applies as well if you'd like to store anything of value!

Seasonal Solution

If you are the proud owner of a huge holiday decoration collection, or like to take advantage of the heat during the summer and head out to the coast, you know how burdensome it can be to find space for both. These garage storage Rockland County units are a seamless combination of functionality and style--allowing you to create more space using vertical shelves that complement your garage. This will prevent those piles of things that you use for only a portion of the year.

Garage Storage Rockland County To Illuminate Your Garage's Potential

Give us a call today, and we'll get started with a free in-home design consultation. We'll show you how you can benefit from the added space that comes with better organization from garage storage Rockland County products!