Garage Storage for your Rochester Home

With all the beauty and space that Upstate New York and lower Canada has to offer, it’s no surprise that residents spend a lot of their time doing outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and off roading. While all these outdoor activities keep residents healthy and fit, many of the accessories that go along with such hobbies leave Rochester garages overloaded and disorganized, leaving them with a special need for garage storage solutions. Luckily, California Closets Rochester is here to help with our Rochester garage storage solutions that are custom tailored to solve the challenges of Rochester residents. As Northwestern New York’s leader in all things storage related, residents of Rochester can rest assured that California Closets Rochester is their one-stop-shop for all their garage storage needs.

California Closets Simplifies Garage Storage

Feeling bombarded by garage storage options? At California Closets Rochester, our certified design consultants will be happy to give you a breakdown of our most popular and practical garage storage choices for the residents of Rochester.

Ceiling Storage and Lofts

Units that hang and ceiling storage lofts are a great way to store infrequently used items in a space-efficient way. Especially during seasonal changes, you can put away items like holiday decorations that only get used one month out of the year. We have various options for ceiling storage, from wooden lofts to pulley systems. Our design consultant will be happy to go through all ceiling and hanging storage options with you.


Shelves are another popular and simple storage solution that can be implemented on the walls of your garage. Shelves offer easy accessibility, and depending on what type of shelf you use, you can make it so it is easy to visually take stock of what and where you have your stored items.

Wall Mounted Racks

A storage option that has become more popular in recent years is wall mounted racks. Just like pegboards, wall mounted racks provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to storing items in your garage. These sturdy, installed racks stay put and are built to hold hooks and shelves that can adjust as the items you wish to store change in your garage. As you acquire new items, you can remove, replace and rearrange hooks and shelves very easily without the need to use any tools at all.

Ready to Get Started with Garage Storage?

Come see our garage storage systems at our Rochester showroom and explore your possibilities with one of our talented design consultants. We can also come to you if you schedule one of our free in-home consultations!