River Place Closet Systems

Attention customers: River Place closet systems is our new and perfected unit for local residents looking for the ultimate in home storage upgrade. We have put years of experience helping customers with their home's additional needs into the planning of a customization process for you to build your very own system that will allow for freedom, clarity, and a deep breath in your home.

Any Need. Anytime.

At California Closets, we've worked with an infinite number of customers with an infinite number and variety of needs and outlooks on their home upgrade.  As such, we have a diverse ability to assess and work with whatever obstacle you and your home can throw at us, guaranteed.  We will do anything we can and must to make sure that your River Place closet system is actually your home improvement project. Try us!

Storage for You!

You'll find storage space for anything, guaranteed.  If your mess is a struggle with continuous piling up of papers into clutter on your countertops, let us build you a filing cabinet for your important documents.  If you often find yourself digging through mountains of clothing, let us set you up with more hanger space, drawer, armoire style storage, shelves and racks, bins for accessories.  Any which way, we'll make sure your River Place closet systems is a storage beast!

Style Plus

If you are thoroughly inspired by style, we can allow you that luxury as well.  We will have you choose between a number of design aesthetics, build material and color, trim, detailing, and more for your new River Place closet systems to both fit in with the current home furnishings and setup of your domain, as well as push its limits to expand aesthetically!

Tell Us What You Want!

The River Place closet systems will only be built with your first step of telling us you what you want, so give us a call today!