Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Richmond Hill

Looking to make some more space in your home for sleep or play? How about both? Now, with California Closets own Richmond Hill wall beds, you will be able to customize a fold down or roll out bed which will allow for comfy sleeping and daytime utility at the same time!

What's In A Name?

If you think about a Richmond Hill wall bed, it's all in the name.  During the day, it can be a wall which will allow for space to relax, work, play, stretch, or study.  At night, it will fold or roll out to provide a relaxing rest experience.  All customized by you, all for an affordable price!

Customizable Convenience

Fully customized by you with the help of our professionally trained consultants, your wall bed will be as convenient as you need it.  We will work with you to pick the location, design, colours, materials, and style (roll-out or fold-out) of the wall bed.  This way, it will fit flush in your home, disguised during the day for extra space, and come out at night to provide a sleep surface.  Not to mention, our Richmond Hill Murphy beds are so comfortable that you won’t hear a creak or lay awake blinking all night long when you’re sleeping!

Affordable Addition

Think about adding another room to your home for a guest bedroom, or maybe home office, gym, or even a library.  How expensive would it be to perform that procedure?  Instead, save money and make two rooms in one with Richmond Hill Murphy beds.  An affordable alternative that will save you money, they will also look amazing and do exactly what they're supposed to.  Your wall bed may make it the most popular room in the house!

Your Wall Bed is a Call Away!

If you are looking for the convenience of getting two rooms in one, look no further.  If you call today we can start helping you create a Richmond Hill wall bed immediately!