Show Off Your Richmond Hill Entertainment Center

It certainly isn't like the old days in the living room. Entertainment centers are no longer just TVs and antennas; these behemoths include everything from blu-ray players, game consoles, and surround sound systems to record collections, books, and more. If you've invested in all of the many pieces for an exquisite entertainment center, there is no sense in not complementing it all with an equally fantastic display. A Richmond Hill entertainment center from California Closets will be built from scratch to ensure that all of your many devices are kept organized and ready for use as soon as you sit down. With you in the functional and stylistic driver's seat, our design team will really turn your tech collection into a cohesive layout fit for royalty.

A Gift For Your Gadgets: A Richmond Hill Entertainment Center

Pick The Setup

Chances are that your Richmond Hill entertainment center will focus around your flat screen. Whether you want to keep it behind a set of cabinet doors or mount it on the wall, we can work together to find the perfect combination of surrounding accessories to complement the picture on screen. You can enclose your television behind beautiful track-set doors that are easily replaced when you're finished. Or, with a stand holding your screen, you can build a series of cubbies around it to house all of your many devices that are connected to it. There won't be any cables tangled, power switches to mess with, or clutter to worry about!

Pick The Look

As with all of the products we build at California Closets, they're not truly finished until you have styled them just as you'd like. There are a ton of aesthetic options available to you once you have decided on the functionality of your Richmond Hill entertainment center. You get to pick the hardware, woodgrain used, and the color, amongst other things. Your new product is sure to complement the rest of the space's visual features.