Custom Storage Richmond Hill

Have a lot of stuff lying around your home? Need to make storage space where you can’t find it? We can help with that! With California Closet experts, we can build a Richmond Hill custom storage space practically anywhere. Now, make use of all those nooks and crannies that escape utility in your home!

Give the Space-Eaters a Home

If you have been thinking about maximizing the space in your home for a while, but don’t have the money for extensive remodeling to build a loft or install a new room, think about what you do have.  We can help store away space-eating items with Richmond Hill custom storage, leaving more free space for enjoyment in your home.

Where’s the Storage Space?

We can make storage space out of the most awkward space situations.  Some ideas on how to use commonly underutilized space with Richmond Hill custom storage:

Under the Stairs

This space can easily be equipped with drawers and bins to store extra bedding, cleaning supplies, or children’s toys.

Slanted Ceiling Corners

Use every inch of slanted space to store extra unused kitchenwares or home items.  The slant will not prevent utility in your home!


Typically the space on top of your home, the attic is a perfect place to put heirlooms and old items.  We can create a storage system that is effective and remains clean and protected for your valuables and memories.


Under your home is the perfect place for extra equipment, including cleaning supplies, tools, old bicycles, outdoor gear, and more.  We’ll make sure to create a storage situation that stays clean no matter how dirty your items are.

Make Room Today

If you are serious about having more room to live your life today, call us and we will create Richmond Hill custom storage units in places that you didn’t even realize could have functional potential!