Custom Closets Richmond Heights

Is your lack of organization disrupting your life? While you develop your organizing skills, Richmond Heights custom closets from California Closets can help take care of the order around your home. We work with you to design a multi-functioning closet with the precise spaces and uses you need. Let us take care of your closet, and let it be one less obstacle in your life.

Personalized For Optimal Functionality

Help Us Design Your Closet

At California Closets, we sit down with you to assess your needs and wants from your custom closets Richmond Heights.  Based on needs determined by a consultation, we can create closets with easy-to-access hanger space, drawers, closed or open overhead compartments, and more.  We find a custom closet is the best kind, because you will never forget where things are, and when every piece has a place, it frees up space around the home.

A Quick Step to a Functional Closet

Once you have decided to upgrade, its painful to have to wait to build and to realize the potential of a true custom closet.  With your Richmond Heights custom closets from California Closets, you won’t have to talk on the phone for days, or wait months for parts to come one by one.  When you call us, we send a representative to your door for an estimate. Everything from business to building is done locally, and we bring the parts to you all at once for an almost immediate installation.

Efficient Yet Elegant Custom Closets Richmond Heights

We customize our closets using only the most beautiful materials, leaving our closet organizers looking simple and striking.  Richmond Heights custom closets not only leave your room looking cleaner and more organized, but also complement with bold lines and beautiful color schemes, layouts, and lighting.  You can use the design to hide otherwise unsightly things, while showcasing items that speak to your personal style.