Garage Storage Richmond

Garages operate on a large spectrum; on the one hand, they can be versatile multipurpose rooms that your whole family can enjoy, or, they can toil in a state of disorganization that can prevent you from even parking your car beneath its roof. Achieve the former with the help of garage storage Richmond units from California Closets. Customized to your needs and drawing from a wide range of possibilities on both aesthetic and functional planes, we can have your garage be the perfect complement to your home in no time at all.

Garage Storage Richmond For Sustainable Success

If you've grown tired with parking your car on the street and having to rifle through mounds of things whenever you've got an outdoor excursion planned and need gear, then we can help. Our garage storage Richmond layouts can unleash a new world of uses that you may have thought were a thing of the past.

Cabinetry To Keep Things Off The Ground

Just because its stored in the garage doesn't mean it isn't important, and as such, deserves a place up and off the ground. California Closets can equip your garage storage Richmond units with custom-sized and -designed cabinets that will open up space for you to use vertically. Depending on what you're hoping to store, we can outfit your storage tools with extra shelves or drawers within your cabinets so you are using each inch sensibly.

Bikes Galore

If you like to use alternative forms of transportation, then you have more than likely struggled with a place to store them. Garages are the likely place to house your bikes, but they can be cumbersome to store and can cause harmful dents and dings on your car should they tip over. California Closets' garage storage Richmond units can include bike-mounting accessories that will help keep these valuable wheels off the ground and away from your car. This way, you'll keep them in pristine shape when not in use, and keep the space usable.

Garage Storage Richmond--Perfected For You

Give California Closets a call to see just how quick and easy it is to outfit your garage with garage storage Richmond help. We're excited to offer you a free in-home design consultation!