Wall Beds & Murphy Beds RI/Rhode Island

Your spare room can wear many hats, but if you commit a mattress to it, the list of potential alternative uses shrinks significantly. If you've been hoping to preserve the space for activities such as yoga, crafts, or bill paying, while also have a comfortable place for your friends and family to stay when visiting, turn to wall beds RI from California Closets. Folding up into an organizing closet system to allow for the room to be used for any number of activities before presenting a peerlessly comfortable place guests upon unfurling, you'll forget the days when air mattresses were the only possibility!

Murphy Beds Rhode Island: Comfort And Quality Organization

The Frame

The surrounding support structure of your wall beds RI is not just your run of the mill exterior. It is a closet system made up of accessories of your choosing. You can add shelves, hanger rods, cabinets, or any combination of the sort to help you keep the rooms that you implement your Murphy beds Rhode Island in clean and ready for use while you're not hosting.

Easy To Use

California Closets' Murphy beds Rhode Island are fashioned to be simple for any and all to use. We employ a pull-down method that takes away all the fuss of futons, the time-wasting of air mattresses, and the strain of hauling a spare mattress out of the garage! After a fun evening, the last thing you want to do is struggle to provide your guests with a place to rest their heads!

Help Along The Way

The process of adding wall beds RI to your home is simple when you deal with California Closets. From design to implementation, you'll work closely with one of our expert design consultants, who will see your project through to fruition.

You're Sure To Love Murphy Beds Rhode Island

Check out the inspiration gallery, schedule yourself a free in-home design consultation, and be off to the races on better storage, easier hosting, and a more dynamic home with wall beds RI!