Closet Design RI/Rhode Island

While they always enjoy the final product, it is the process of closet design Rhode Island residents enjoy most. California Closets creates its custom storage solutions in direct partnership with homeowners. It is your creative drive and particular needs and wants that determine how the project will turn out.

Closet Design RI Welcome You To Explore Your Creativity

Customizing your storage space should involve your input from start to finish and that it exactly how our design process operates.

First is the free consultation with a design professional that takes place at your home. They will help you identify your goals for the project and assess what is possible in terms of dimensions and physical limits. How to utilize the high ceilings? What to do with the slanted roof? What is the wall hanging capacity?

With those parameters in mind you and the designer investigate what the ideal closet design Rhode Island would look like. How does the old design fall short? What needs are important for the new closet?

The next step is our trademark innovation that allows you complete control. The designer will create a model of your closet design on the computer. Your role is to do a virtual walk through of the model and make adjustment as you go. Everything from color and trim to configuration and lighting is amenable through the program. Nothing is left for chance; you will be able to visualize any aspect of your closet design. Rhode Island residents love this part of the process!

Create Great Rooms with Closet Design RI

The catalogue of products at California Closets Rhode Island includes specialized closet design for bathrooms, kitchens, pantries, bedrooms, children’s room, media centers, home office and every imaginable room in the house. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!