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When it comes to smart and active residential storage solutions, California Closets is the undisputed leader. A dazzling array or products backed up by a high level of customizability and configuration is promising combination for Rhode Island homeowners looking for closets.

Customizing your RI Closets

First, it is important to note how the storage products are organized into subcategories. Every room has its own section: bathroom, kitchen, pantry, garage, bedroom, children’s room, media center and home office.

Within each room you can select an overall style and whether you lean to the more traditional or more modern, whether you are of a minimalist or the opposite there is something for you. For many, the renovated closet or room should match the overall theme or feel of the house, which is one of the reasons California Closets maintains such a deep catalogue. They can match or complement any style you need.

The actual number of shelves, the shape and quantity of cabinets, the over all configuration—these are things that are entirely individualized for you. Each person has unique needs, and their Rhode Island closets should reflect who they are according to their hobby, habit, or future plans.

After the product is modified and optimized for your use, you can add accessories, adjust the color or trim and make any other micro-alterations necessary for you to be satisfied. If your needs evolve over time, it is no problem at all. The professionals will be there to help you re-organize.

What Are You Waiting For? RI Closets Are Here

All it takes to get the ball rolling and outfit your Rhode Island home with better closets is a quick phone call or a few clicks on the website. You will receive a free consultation with an expert at your home and initiate the process immediately.

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