Closet Organizers Renton

Renton hugs the southeast shore of Lake Washington, and residents enjoy the benefit of the overwhelming natural beauty as well as proximity to a major metropolis. Making your home match your lifestyle for over 25 years, the closet organizers Renton at California Closets truly understand the community.

Renton Closet Organizers Know Your Neighborhood

With decades of experience in closet design, your Renton closet organizers are ready to embark on the home improvement project of your dreams. At California Closets we have specialists for every room in the house—kitchen, pantry, bedroom, children’s room, media center, home office, garage and more.

The way we work with you keeps you at the forefront and at the helm. Our closet organizers in Renton and at all our other locations undergo rigorous training on the process of custom closet design. You come in for a free design consultation and our job is to listen and understand what your vision is. Each individual has unique needs and tastes, and we would like to make sure we provide beautiful and functional closets to your utmost satisfaction.

Taking cues from you, Renton closet organizers have the power to transform homes. They specialize in taking limited or underutilized space and making it meaningful. Any home can be organized in a more efficient way, and the result will truly contribute to a harmonious environment for the entire family. Our record-high customer retention rate tells us that we have been doing things right over the years.

Renton Closet Organizers Create Dream Homes

Our founder started by working on dorms rooms while in college. By now we are the largest custom closets company in the world, serving hundreds of communities and homes. Your local Renton closet organizers join the ranks of industry giants, but maintain their local loyalties. Our company’s lifetime warranty backs up their promise for a better home.