Wardrobe Reno

While known for its nightlife, the Reno area in fact offers much, much more. Reno residents are very familiar with the beauty and recreational opportunities afforded by the majestic Sierra Nevadas, and know they are fortunate to work and play in such a truly amazing place. Taking advantage of all those opportunities can be a little tricky though, especially if your storage situation isn’t designed to adequately house all the clothing and gear that an active outdoor life requires. Let California Closets show you a better way with a customized Reno wardrobe.

The Goal of a Reno Wardrobe from California Closets

A closet’s, or wardrobe’s, primary responsibility is to give you visual and physical access to all of your clothes and belongings in the most efficient and attractive manner possible.  To achieve this, it needs to be created with your specific needs in mind, which is essentially the mission statement of a Reno wardrobe design specialist from California Closets.  It begins with precise measurements to determine storage capacity.  This is followed by an extensive assessment of your requirements, analyzing what you have, where you like to keep it, and when you’re going to need it.

Now the creative part begins as your Reno wardrobe design specialist uses the storage innovations developed by California Closets over the years to re-imagine your closet space.  Adjustable shelving accommodates all your outsized gear while a system of hooks and baskets keep your accessories separate and easily located.  Shoe fencing removes clutter from the floor while rotating bins and boxes make outfits seasonally accessible.  Whatever your unique needs, California Closets will find an ingenious solution for them.

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