Our Team

At the heart of California Closets is our philosophy of customization. Experience has taught us that no two customers are the same, especially when it comes to finding personalized solutions to organization challenges. We're proud of our California Closets Reno Team and the work they do, and that means you'll be proud to have California Closets in your home, too.

Our design consultants are trained to provide you with a distinct and unique storage design that embraces your belongings and the way you use your living spaces.

A broad array of color and finish options, as well as accessories and accents, will beautifully integrate your storage solution into your home décor and the life you lead.

Alan Hansen, our President, brings 15 years of experience in ergonomic design to his clients. Alan’s design philosophy comes from the world of high technology, with influences from personal computers, retail design, accessibility for the physically challenged, and the making the most of a home's spaces. Alan loves to think of function and usability as much as organization.

The combination of design skill our designers bring to each consultation and the product choice on offer at California Closets Reno means your storage solution will exceed your expectations.

How can we turn your cluttered office, pantry, garage or bedroom closets into functional areas that make your life easier? If you're ready for a free design consultation in your home, we're ready to get you organizing in style. To find out more, call us on 775.827.8282 or email renosales@calclosets.com. We look forward to working with you on any project today because we know you'll bring us your next one tomorrow.