Custom Shelving Reno

We are all familiar with the simple and typical shelving found in most homes. Although never truly satisfying, people typically settle with these storage areas. Sometimes, people even buy store bought organizers in an attempt to modify these areas but can be left with an even bigger mess. California Closets Reno has all the tools necessary to update your home shelving and customize it to fit your exact needs!

Get Organized Today With the Help From Our Reno Custom Shelving Team!

Most cabinets and shelves can become disorganized very fast. This process is expedited if there are many people living under one roof or small children roaming about. Our Reno custom shelving team can create storage solutions that make it almost impossible to mess up. Designated space for your specific items will make them easier to find and even easier to put away! You will no longer shove or push around items in your flustered searches! We can also make it easier for children to keep their own spaces organized, excelling in color-coded shelving for their rooms!

Our Reno Custom Shelving Team Can Transform All Areas of Your Home!

Our Reno custom shelving team specializes in all areas of your home with their top of the line storage solutions. Off the floor storage solutions can turn your garage into a more usable and accessible storage space. Proper shelving in your wardrobe can help better display your items while giving them correct storage and protection.

Match the Aesthetics of Your Unique Home!

Our Reno custom shelving team understands that each home is different. We pride in our ability to correctly match the look and feel of your home. There are also solutions for any size budget as well. Do not wait any longer and call California Closets Reno today!