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Known as the “The Biggest Little City in the World”, it’s true that Reno is famous for its casinos, entertainment and nightlife. And yet, as the second-largest population center in Nevada outside of Las Vegas, there are plenty of Reno residents living here year round who know that the day life is also exceptional. Between the stately Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Truckee River, there are a host of outdoor activities available, and most of them require gear. That gear needs to be stored which presents a challenge to Reno homeowners, because most homes do not have sufficient storage space. No surprise then that Reno homeowners turn to California Closets. We’ve been creating custom closet systems for over 30 years, and can build the Reno closet systems you need.

A Place For Everything

Even if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast, the typical home just doesn’t have sufficient closet space, or a closet system, that accommodates all the things that a family has. Often there is no segregation for types of clothing articles, such as shoes, blouses and pants.  Often boxes of holiday items and photo albums are strewn about with coats and scarves. And if you do have outdoor gear; where does that get put? Yes, a garage can help provide space, but soon it’s so full and cluttered that your vehicle can no longer be parked in it.

Customized For You

This is why you should consider Reno closet systems for your home.  These are custom-built by California Closets Reno to meet your closet storage needs.  Our closet systems Reno are beautifully built, taking care that they accentuate the colors, materials and style of your home. Just as importantly, Reno closet systems are highly functional.  Once and for all, everything you have will be put in its proper place.

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