Wall Beds Reisterstown

Are you tired of having to host guests on inflatable mattresses, or on the couch? Wish you could provide them with a room of their own but you simply do not have a spare room to make into a permanent guestroom? There is a solution for that in Reisterstown. It is called wall beds. California Closets designs and manufactures beds that will seamlessly fold into the wall giving any room a great degree of versatility.

Constant Adaptability with Wall Beds Reisterstown

Two Rooms In One

So you cannot eliminate that home office because that is where the family business is run from. Or, one of your children left the nest and their room is not in use but you still want them to have it when they come to visit. The answer is installing a wall bed in the home office or extra bedroom. Transform the home office into a guest bedroom instantly. Turn the new art room back into your kid’s room in a matter of seconds. The bed is the largest single piece of furniture in almost any home. Invest in the ability to make it disappear on command and you will be inventing space where there was none before.

How Wall Beds Reisterstown Work

How does a wall bed, or a Murphy bed as it is known some places, work? With the modern mechanism perfected by California Closets Reisterstown, wall beds operate smoothly, making it easy to lift or lower them. They are entirely safe and will never drop on their own accord. If you are worried about having an eyesore in your home, worry not. California Closets design wall beds to camouflage in the design of the room when they are up.

Reisterstown Chooses Wall Beds

If you want to save valuable real estate in your house, order California Closets Reisterstown wall beds today!