Garage Storage Rehoboth Beach

While parking your car in the garage may seem like an unrealistic feat, it can actually be accomplished in fewer steps than you might have imagined. California Closets is here to offer you amazing garage storage Rehoboth Beach. Don’t miss out and follow these easy steps to put your garage in gear!

Rehobeth Beach (DE) Garage Storage As Easy As 1-2-3

Divide and Conquer

The first step to putting your Rehoboth Beach garage storage in check is taking inventory on the items that you have.  How much of the stuff that is in your garage do you actually need? How much of it is disposable? Doing this allows us to do a little spring cleaning and figure out how much of our stuff we actually need.  This first step immediately prioritizes and eases the decision about what type of garage storage Rehoboth Beach will be best for you.

Up and Away

Now that your items are divided and categorized, the next step is to find places for them that will maximize the space in your garage and make room for other things like cars and/or work space.  One of our favorite solutions to garage clutter is wall and ceiling storage.  Large, bulky items such as sports equipment, bikes, or boxes can be placed on wall racks and storage space that is built down from the ceiling.  This provides places to put things you don’t want to get rid of, but maybe aren’t items that you use every day.

Maximize and Create

Now that your space is officially bigger than it ever was, you get to make the decision of what to do with it! Craft corners, workbenches, and parking spaces are all productive and awesome avenues to take when you remake your Rehoboth Beach garage storage space.

Rehobeth Beach Garage Storage (DE) For You

There is nothing you can’t do with amazing Rehoboth Beach garage storage. Call to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and get the solutions to the problems you have never ceased to have, until now!