Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Raleigh

California Closets is devoted to eliminating clutter and designing smart storage for homes of any size. Even the smallest room can be spruced up with tasteful, efficient design. For this purpose California Closets has a line of wall beds and Murphy beds for your Raleigh home.

The Many Advantages of Raleigh Wall Beds and Murphy Beds

There are many lifestyles and housing arrangements that can benefit from having a bed that tucks away into a wall. Besides the neat trick, Raleigh wall beds and Murphy beds provide any room a higher degree of functionality.

The College Student

Raleigh is a center for higher education as many universities and their accompanying student bodies call the city home. College is known as a time when young adults are living big but residing in cramped dorms and apartments. Having a bed that can fold up and away is a good way to save space. The extra space can be used to study or even to stretch when taking a break.

The Artist’s Studio

An artist’s first priority is their work. An artist’s residence should reflect that. Maximize the work space in your home and give yourself more space to be inspired and create. Raleigh wall beds and Murphy beds have been instrumental in making small quarters more spacious since the franchise was opened over 15 years ago.

The Occasional Guest Bedroom

If you have only one room to work with and you want both a guest room and a yoga studio you can have your pie and eat it too. Wall beds and Murphy beds Raleigh allow for a quick transformation of a room from one purpose to the next.

Raleigh Wall Beds and Murphy Beds Can Be Yours

Raleigh wall beds and Murphy beds are not just for the movies. Order yours today!