Jessica Quison-Kress, Senior Design Consultant


Raleigh/Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary

After more than a decade of working and gaining interior design experience in Minneapolis, MN and becoming a certified kitchen and bath designer while running a flooring installation business, I was most confident to dive into the organizational industry and add to my expertise.  I had the privilege to begin this journey by first working for California Closets in Honolulu, Hawaii and then moving to North Carolina.  California Closets has given me the motivation, strength and means to keep pursuing my dreams as a designer.  It has allowed me to stay passionate about what I love and never give up my dream.

 Collaborating ideas, designing and creating storage solutions for my clients brings much satisfaction and excitement throughout my day.  Often I’m more anxious to see the end result.  It’s not JUST a closet space, office or kid’s bedroom, each space is unique and attached to the most prized possessions.  I’m right there alongside them dreaming and envisioning.  Relating to my clients, listening to their needs and keeping in mind the end-result or goal is my number one priority.  I assist in transforming a space into what will be – their dream!  Creating a usable area, keeping things orderly and stress-free is what’s important to bring more time back into their day for other priorities.  I often tell my clients,  “let’s get the items organized and put in the right place.  Let’s take it step by step, piece by piece and transform it so you can enjoy it.” 




The best part of my job is hearing the wonderful compliments from my clients.  Each of them are so grateful and glad they called.  I love making friends for life!