Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Queens

While it would be nice to have a spare bedroom in every home, some of us just don’t have the space. Or perhaps there are other things you’d like to use a spare room for, such as a craft room or home office. Maybe you’d just prefer to have more storage. With wall beds Queens, you don’t have to choose! At California Closets we are experts at creating multi-functional units, and a wall bed is the perfect, subtle addition necessary to turn any room into a lovely guest bedroom.

Prepare To Be Amazed

Wall Beds Queens: Just When You Need It

Forget the uncomfortable folding wall bed. Wall beds Queens are attractive, convenient and a pleasure to sleep in. While we do offer beds that fold directly from the wall, there are many other ways to incorporate a bed into your home storage. The folding drawer bed is a great alternative, and can blend perfectly with a home office. Take a look at our impressive online image gallery to get a better idea of just how advanced these wall beds Queens are!

Unexpectedly Stylish

Not only do our wall beds Queens provide extra sleeping arrangements, they are aesthetically pleasing as well. We boast a wide variety of colors, wood grains, and hardware for all of our custom units, and your personal wall bed is no exception. These wall beds will never stick out like a sore thumb--wall beds Queens blend expertly with your unit and your home decor. Your guests will feel comfortable and experience the cozy atmosphere of a well-designed room.

Immediate Convenience and Comfort

No longer will you have to drive back and forth from a hotel to visit family and friends; you’ll be able to accommodate them easily within your own home with wall beds Queens. Call today for a free in-home consultation!