Wall Beds Putnam County

A wall bed can transform a single-function room into a versatile and multi-functional room. A great way to save space, Putnam County wall beds from California Closets are different from other wall beds in their top-of-the-line quality and design and the fact that you custom make your wall bed to match your home’s décor and your individual taste.

California Closets Wall Beds are Perfect for Guest Rooms

Most family homes have guests stay over only once in a blue moon but still find it necessary to have a comfortable bed and a separate room for guests to stay in when it does happen. Putnam County wall beds are a great solution for the guest room situation, because when guests are not in town, the bed can be tucked away into the wall and the room can be used as a living room, a home gym, or even a dining room, but can then be easily folded down into a stylish and comfortable bed when the time comes.

Since your wall bed is custom made, there is no room or type of wall that it cannot be installed in. You work with our expert consultants to design the wall bed perfect for your home, the room it’s installed in, and your taste. If you have a small bedroom or a studio apartment, a wall bed is a great way to free up floor space during the waking hours for working out or a yoga session, setting up a table for a dinner party, or simply having more room to move around in.

Daytime Space, Nighttime Comfort

Customers are pleased time and again with their Putnam County wall bed solutions, not just for their useful function but also for their great design. Install your wall bed and see for yourself the benefits of making more space.