Wall Beds Prescott

When you need an extra bed in your household, but you seemingly don’t have the space, what are your options? Here at California Closets, we believe in the economy of space, and thinking outside of the box. That’s why we use Prescott wall beds. They are a convenient method to solving functional problems. Allow your space to serve one function in the daytime and another function in the night time.

We Are Experts at Creating Prescott Closet Design

With Prescott wall beds, you can have your home office, entertainment center, or studio provide you with everything you need.  You can retain those spaces for their current functions, but still have that extra bed you need.  Choose from the “roll away” or “fold up” styles, and your spatial problems will be solved.  We can match the aesthetic to your home’s current style, or you can choose a new look for your house.

The first step in creating Prescott wall beds for your home is to take all the necessary measurements.  Help us get a sense of what your physical constraints are.  Then, fill us in on your needs, wants and desires.  What do you want from your Prescott wall beds, and what do you want them to look like?  Once we have all of this information, we’ll create a virtual rendition of what your future Prescott wall beds will look like.

You Can Relax When You Work With Us

Take a tour of your new wall beds before they’re even built.  You can get a sense of how much room it will actually take up, and what it’s going to look like.  Give us any last minute feedback and we’ll be happy to incorporate any necessary changes.  When we get all of the details to your liking, we’ll send the installation experts out to set everything up.